Sponsoring Family To Canada: Sponsoring Daughter With A Child

Question: I am currently in Canada and happy that my appeal for my refused spousal sponsorship application has been successful. Now, my wife and I are just waiting for the necessary papers to be processed and she can come to live with me. My concern though involves my dependent daughter who, as I was recently informed, just bore a baby out of wedlock. Can I bring my grandchild to Canada with her mother?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible for your grandchild to come with her mother to Canada, but only if your daughter is single. Usually, when an individual sponsors his or her spouse or child, there are no income requirements. But since your case involves your child having her own child, then you are expected to earn an income that is enough to support your extended family. If you are able to provide proof of financial capacity, your application will be refused and you could be headed for another appeal.

One of the objective of sponsoring family members to Canada is family-reunification


sponsor spouse daughter son as immigrants

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