New Immigration Rules Concerning Dependent Children Soon to Take Effect

Canada has so many immigration programs that cater to different people around the world, and the country welcomes thousands of immigrants every year.

So far, almost 35% of individuals who immigrate to Canada are admitted as dependent children. However, that number might soon get lower because of new changes on the program set for implementation come August 1 next month.

So what are these changes? Here they are:

PREVIOUS RULE: Age qualification for dependents is 21 years or younger

> Age qualification is now down to 18 years and younger. Children aged 19 to 21 years old will no longer qualify as dependents.

PREVIOUS RULE: Prospective dependent should be fully reliant on the support of parent/s and is studying as a full-time student.

> Enrollment in school will no longer be included as a criterion for approving or rejecting a prospective dependent.

PREVIOUS RULE: Prospective dependent should be fully reliant on the support of parent/s because of a physical or mental condition.

> Children with physical and mental condition and are reliant on the full support of the parent/s can still be considered a dependent even if they’re older than 18.

PREVIOUS RULE: Prospective dependent should not be married and should not be in a common-law relationship.

> This still stands and is still a requirement in the upcoming implementation of the new rule.

sponsoring daughter son as immigrantsWhy the New Rule?

Some people might be wondering why the Canadian government is imposing a more stringent rule with regards to dependent children, but this is done for several reasons.

1. The adjustment in age range is due to the findings that dependent children between 15 and 18 years of age are able to adapt easily and to become successful compared to children between 19 and 21 years of age.

2. The factor concerning enrollment in school is now removed because there’d been cases of fraudulence in school records in the past, wherein some applicants show proof of school attendance, only to be revealed later on that they’re not really in school. This only slows down processing and robs other more qualified applicants of the chance for a faster approval. So, this is now being removed.

Overall, Canada is making these changes to ensure that its immigration programs will remain beneficial not only to the immigrants but also to the country’s economy.

Other Options for Immigrants

While the new rules regarding dependent children may be bad news for many aspiring immigrant families, it is important to reiterate that there are many other immigration programs in Canada.

Children of immigrants who may no longer qualify under the program can choose from the other federal and provincial immigration programs available. Some of the possible alternatives for those affected by the upcoming changes are the International Student Program or the Temporary Worker Program.

Those who still want to try their luck and submit their application before August 1 when the new rule will take effect can do so, but just remember that there will be no retro for applications submitted prior to the new rule’s implementation date.

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