Job Vacancy In Jasper Very High Due To TFW Moratorium

Many industries in the municipality of Jasper in Alberta are nearly crippled at the moment because of the moratorium placed on temporary foreign workers. This mountain municipality greatly relies on foreign workers for its workforce, and the TFW moratorium has caused many job vacancies and many institutions to lose vital manpower.

The town has approximately 5000 residents. And right now, almost 300 positions are vacant because of the moratorium. Temporary foreign workers are crucial for the said positions as there has been difficulty filling them with Canadian workers.

According to General Manager of Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce Pattie Pavlov, they have about 100 temporary foreign workers and counting who are ready to fill the vacancies but cannot because of the moratorium.

Pavlov said they’d already gotten in touch with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to request for the immediate lifting of the moratorium and that they’re hoping immediate action will be taken. She said that while they have other sources for their needed workers, the TFW program has helped fill out positions that were hard to fill because most Canadians do not want them.

Pavlov is also inviting interested foreign workers to try and apply for any of the different positions in the municipality of Jasper.

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3 thoughts on “Job Vacancy In Jasper Very High Due To TFW Moratorium

  1. I just wanna know how long is ur contract. Who wil be paying for a visa,accomodation ect. What type of a job is that?

  2. Please I ‘m intrested in any of the job but my problem is that am still in my country Nigeria.

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