Tips On Caregiver Agency “Ghost Employer” Tactics

Caregiver Applicants, Know If Your Employer Is For Real And Not Just A “Ghost”

For those applying to be a live in caregiver in Canada, here are some tips that you should heed before engaging the service of a nanny agency or recruiter. This will help you to detect early on if your Canadian employer is for real or just a “ghost employer” created by the caregiver agency or recruiter.

1. Your supposedly employer relayed to your recruiter that they can’t wait anymore for you because your application takes so long to be finished, hence they already hired somebody.

2. Your prospective employer was fired from his/her job, thus he/she can’t afford anymore to hire you for the time being.

3. The most pathetic alibi is when your recruiter sadly announces to you that your employer suffered an attack and expired at that same instant.

4. You are already in Canada for weeks or even months and yet you still have to physically meet your employer.

5. Your employer had backed out due to some unforeseen circumstances so you have to wait till your recruiter finds a new employer that will hire you.

6. Your recruiter can’t produce an official copy of job offer.

7. You discovered that several caregivers are stuck on your recruiter’s basement.

8. You learned from others that previously hired caregivers were never got to be employed at all.

9. You heard it direct from the horse’s mouth (your recruiter) that you employer is non existent yet.

10. Employ your 6th sense or your “gut feel” so you can smell early if something is fishy.

Be vigilant, don’t become a victim of the so called “release upon arrival” scheme of those unscrupulous recruiters. It would be better if from the start you consult an expert in Canadian Visa applications and immigration programs. Also request them to enlighten you particularly on the so called Live in Caregiver Program in Canada.

Disclaimer: The immigration article posted above does not substitute as a legal advice on immigration issues. If you need to consult a qualified professional about your case, you can visit a qualified immigration professional in your city or country. Use due diligence in doing so.

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One thought on “Tips On Caregiver Agency “Ghost Employer” Tactics

  1. Dear ladies and gentlemen! I am looking for a job as a live-in caregiver. I ask you to help to find to me a family in Canada or firm which really can find to me a family to which it is necessary live-in caregiver. All firms in which I addressed, offer me all services, except a family finding. I’m doctor from Russia, ended medical academy and the higher internship, Alexander. I’m 43, but mine appearance, health and abilities correspond to 33 years. I am ready to work 2-3 years. I easily find common language with children and older persons, vigorous and cheerful. Has grown up the two daughters. By the way I have music education too (guitar). If it is necessary, I ready to live in your house and work for 5-6 days each week. Highly professional live-in caregiver. Because I the therapist having a wide experience of work in rehabilitation medicine and emergency therapy though like a live-in caregiver I work more than a year. Worked a lot with old persons and with children. I can to do massage and manual manipulations. Sociable, kind, punctual, I am able to cook food, I have the international driver’s license (purchases, payment of invoices and another). I don’t have any criminal past and any bad habits (I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol), I follow a healthy lifestyle. My knowledge of language is sufficient for free dialogue with people (but nowadays not enough to confirm the diploma in Canada and to conduct own medical practice). I will send the resume under your first requirement. Thanks.

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