Convince Your Employer: Great Tips On Finding A Job In Canada…

Now is the time when Canada is most in need of qualified workers to fill its employment needs in various fields. From healthcare to mining to food processing to IT and communications, nearly all occupational sectors in the country are not stopping short of looking overseas for people who are qualified to fill the jobs they have to offer.

If you’re in Canada, you may feel like getting employed is such a gargantuan task. This is definitely a misconception as there are steps you can take to simplify the job-hunting process and get as much luck on your side while preparing for a new chapter of your life.

1 – Do your research.

Before you start looking for job opportunities, you should devote time into researching about the job market, especially in your particular field. It is also important that you are clear about the path you want to take and establish specific goals, such as knowing:

>> how much the average salary is for your occupation and how location affects the figures (a Salary Calculator is a good tool to use);

>> your rights as a worker, including entitlement to a minimum wage and vacation privileges, as well as healthcare and other social benefits which may be different from one province to another;

>> whether or not your skills are in demand in any part of Canada (make sure to check with the different cities and provinces) and if your job is classified as low or high-skilled; and

>> whether or not you need certification from the federal or provincial government to be able to practice your profession in Canada.

2 – Get on the hunt for job leads.

finding a job opportunity in canadaThere is no right or wrong way to find employment in Canada, but it’s good start where you have connections. Do you have friends or family members who are working in Canada in the same occupational field as yours? If you do, then you can let them help you. If you have none, join online forums where you can seek help from professionals who are already working in Canada. Ask them about the job market and if they could give you any tips.

Aside from joining online forums, you can also do your search online by visiting websites where Canadian jobs are posted, or use job search tools that can lead you to the right websites. While you may not instantly find what you’re looking for, these sites and tools are always a great way to get started.

Also keep in mind that Canadian employers might be looking for certain qualities or traits that are not commonly sought after in your country of origin. For example, when preparing your resume, it’s important that you go by Canadian professional standards. Again, take advantage of online resume builders to ensure that you are guided accordingly. When applying for a job, always attach a cover letter where you discuss your interest in the job and of course, your qualifications.

3 – Nail a job offer.

If you manage to secure a job offer, then you definitely have a huge chance of getting to Canada. This job offer made by a Canadian employer can be on a temporary or permanent basis, but you will be able to get to Canada either way using two different routes.

Normally, you will know that you have been hired when you receive a job offer letter written by your employer. If you are planning to work towards permanent residency. Usually, a Canadian employer will formally hire you by issuing a job offer letter, which must include important information such as your salary and employment benefits, your working hours and a description of your duties. The letter must be written on a company letterhead and signed by both you and your employer.

If you are hired from abroad for a job classified as semi-skilled, a standardized employment contract will be used.

Keep in mind that not all job offers you get may be genuine. You need to be cautious about this, and take note that a genuine employer will never ask you to pay any sum or provide your credit card details for whatever reason.

4 – Get to Canada.

You may be offered temporary employment for varying periods of time, ranging from a few days to a few years. If your efforts are successful, you will receive a Temporary Work Permit, come to Canada and stay for certain length of time as a temporary foreign worker. However, you will not be able to take other jobs other than what is stated in your permit. If you have to move to another employer, you have to get a new permit which you can do without leaving Canada.

If you get an offer for permanent employment, you can use this opportunity to apply for permanent resident status. There are many immigration programs in Canada – for example, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) – where you can apply for immigrant status on the basis of your offer for permanent employment. Although the FSWP only processes up to a certain number of applications, applicants who have pre-arranged Canadian employment are exempt from this limitation.

Whether you received an offer for temporary or permanent employment, the mere opportunity to work in Canada can give you an enriching experience, and may even pave the way for a rewarding future in this country. Some people will be able to find a job faster than the others, but what’s important is that you focus on your goals. As long as you are persevering enough and have the right qualifications, you can transform all your plans into reality.

In any case, it is also possible to apply for permanent residency in Canada even if you don’t have a job offer. Explore Canada’s other immigration programs and you just might find a perfect fit for your circumstances.

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  1. im a nigerian,a bricklayer,presently staying in nigeria,i wish to come to canada as a skilled labour,how can i secure the visa and gain the employment.

  2. yeah.I want permanent resident status.I am an scrub nurse.I have over 7 years work experience.I am bangladeshi but i am living in libya.So now i want immigration to canada.

  3. I like to work in canada.recently I am working in bahrain as a manager in pizza hut(americana company).I wish some one who can help me to find the way to reach my dream.

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