Top 6 Cities In Canada Most Popularly Chosen By Foreign Workers & Immigrants

The Conference Board of Canada presented a report that ranks 50 Canadian cities attracting most immigrants to the country.

The ranking was based on several criteria – economy, education, environment, health, innovation, housing, and society.

Of the report, six Canadian cities occupied the top with an “A” grade. These cities are the following:

1) Calgary. Taking the top spot, Alberta’s largest city ranked first in both economy and innovation. Canada’s westward shift in its economic activity during the recent years has been favorable for Calgary and has led to it attracting more newcomers.

2) Ottawa. Canada’s capital city came in second in the overall ranking, doing well in the areas of education, economy, innovation, and society. The report says that the city can attribute much of its position to its highly educated public workforce.

3) Richmond Hill. This suburb of Toronto is known for the significant percentage that minorities occupy in its overall population. Ranking third overall, Richmond Hill fares well in education, innovation, and society. It also has the highest number of graduates per capita in the fields of engineering, mathematics, and science. Plus, it ranks as the third-most diverse city in Canada.

calgary is best canadian city with immigrants4) Vancouver. Getting high scores in environment and society, this city is lauded for the high quality of life that it offers. Its gorgeous setting and temperate climate make it one of the top destinations, especially by younger workers.

5) Waterloo. Ranking first in education, second in innovation, and third in economy, this city is known for being home to a large number of start-up businesses. It is recognized as an innovation hub – no wonder it attracts a great number of workers.

6) St. John’s, Newfoundland. One of the unexpected cities to be included on top, St. John’s wows when it comes to its strong economy, thanks to its oil wealth, and its exceptional performance in the area of health.

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