Updated Jobs In Alberta For Temporary Foreign Workers

The Province of Alberta has recently expanded it’s temporary foreign worker requirement to include more skills to come and work in Canada.

The pilot scheme of attracting overseas talent was started last 2011 originally to call the attention of qualified pipefitters and steamfitters to move to Alberta in its Temporary Foreign Worker Annex program.

The Province of Alberta, which includes Edmonton and Calgary, is faced with a serious labor shortage and desperately needs people to fill many vacancies in a variety of work.

The changes for this year’s expanded Temporary Foreign Worker Annex will include many other skills which includes heavy duty equipment mechanics, industrial mechanics, welders, carpenters, surveyors, and iron workers.

Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education Minister, Mr. Stephen Kahn, said that with the expanded program, employers now will have more opportunity to hire more workers for temporary help.

He said that the labor needs of Alberta according to Provincial forecast plus various inputs from Alberta employers resulted in the need to expand the pilot project to include high demand occupations.

“The good news coming out of this is Alberta is still the economic engine of Canada.” He added.

The added benefit of this pilot program to temporary foreign workers is that the work permit that will be issued will allow them to change Alberta employers without restriction while employers do not need to apply for Labor Market Opinion (LMO) when hiring.

A spokesman for the Minister said that this change is necessary to quickly hire workers who are direly needed for many unfilled positions in the Province of Alberta.

“Major construction projects are being held back because of this,” the spokesman have said.

This latest immigration update is just one of the changes made to affect the Foreign Temporary Workers program in Canada. Last April, the Federal Government announced that foreign workers to Canada can be paid 15% less than the average salary rate, so long as it can be demonstrated that there are Canadian workers being paid the same.

Ottawa also pronounced that employers with proven spotless two-year hiring history of Foreign Temporary Workers overseas can apply for a fast-tracked hiring permit.

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9 thoughts on “Updated Jobs In Alberta For Temporary Foreign Workers

  1. July 23, 2012

    Dear Hiring Manager:

    I was heard from a reliable source that you are a need of a Welder/Metal Fabricator or any positions that would commensurate to my qualifications and would like to learn more about this opportunity.

    I am welder with extensive experience in all areas of GMAW, SMAW, TIG, MIG, FCAW and FABRICATION particularly preparation of work piece, welding equipment, plate welding using ARC welding equipment and basic pipefitting. I have 5 years of experience in the same kind of field. Exposed to a preparation of welding equipment, set current appropriate for weld joint, identify appreciate welding electrodes for a job. I feel that my expertise as a welder would be an asset in this role. Further, I have an experience of welder/metal fabricator/pipefitter when I was work in Yanbu, Jeddah.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss with you at your utmost convenience time.

    Sincerely yours,

    Garry T. Aquino

  2. Dear Sir,

    Good Morning. Can you help me to find for an employer direct in your place in Alberta. Thanks….

    Recpectfully yours,

    Garry T. Aquino

  3. hi dear sir, i love to come to canada but how i am from pakistan , i have some skills i know heavey duty driver work, with experience , i know hotel work, full information about house keeping work, i am very good cook, but i dont have very much education, please tell me what will be my chances?

  4. Dear Sirs.
    I’m a Portuguese citizen and I would like to know what are the possibilities to work in Canada as a Pipe Fitter and what must I do in case of an afimitive answer.I have lived in South Africa for 12 year’s and of course my English is fluent.
    Please send me feedback if possible.

    Your’s Sincerely
    José Salvador

  5. Mr. Jose Salvador, today is September 14, 2012. I trust by now you have found the answer to your question relating to your desire to work in Canada. If not kindly contact me

  6. i am 23 years old graduate engineer from india working in the field of oil and gas since one year,wish to get a job in canada as a foreign worker.
    pl. help,if possble.
    rahul jha

  7. hi my name is sebin . I have approval letter from Alberta government for Temporary Foreign Workers till nov 2013. I have worked as pipe fitter in lamprell energy LTD for 7 years in dubai
    If any vacancy in alberta for Temporary Foreign Workers please mail me in “sebin.chakko@yahoo.com”
    sebin chukkiri chakko

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