Visitor To Canada Want To Switch To Live In Caregiver Work Permit

Question: I’m a Filipina who entered Canada two weeks ago on a tourist visa that is good for six months. I’ve been hoping that I could get a job within this period, but I’m told that I have to get a work permit first. My friend’s employer has offered me a job as a live in caregiver, but I don’t have formal training in the field. Can I train in Canada and apply for a work permit within the country as well?

Answer: First off, if you want to study as a live in caregiver in Canada, you can only do so with a student permit which you need to obtain outside of Canada. Some foreigners go ahead and take a Personal Support Worker course in Canada without a study permit, and they do get a certificate after finishing the course. However, this will not be counted to their credit when they apply for a work permit under the live in caregiver program. If you already have the requisite training prior to arriving in Canada, you can apply for a work permit once your job offer is approved. However, do keep in mind that all initial work permits have to be applied for outside Canada, even as you are already in the country on a tourist visa. So what you can do is apply for a one-day visa to the US to attend an interview with a Canadian consulate there, or apply for the work permit in the Philippines.

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2 thoughts on “Visitor To Canada Want To Switch To Live In Caregiver Work Permit

  1. I’m a Sri Lankan. i hope to enter Canada as a care giver. I have formal 8 years training including my diploma period as a nurse in Sri Lanka. but i don’t have idea about requirement as care give. i hope your help. thank you.

  2. hi i am a filipina and my boyfriend for 5 years is already a permanent resident in winnipeg manitoba. i am planning to visit canada this coming december and if possible can we get married even if i only have tourist visa? and how long it would take to process my paper for permanent migration and where to file? thank you

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