Ways To Expedite Canada Permanent Residency

Q: I read that if a person is a university graduate and has several years of work experience they are eligible to qualify as a permanent resident in Canada. I also read that an applicant does not need to have a sponsor to petition them and a person can apply on their own. Is that true? If so, how long does it take to process such an application. My old classmate is living in UAE and she told me that she has applied in 2007 and is still waiting. Does it really take that long and why?

A: There are two main issues to your question: eligibility and processing time. You are correct, under current rules an applicant can apply on their own merit without anyone’s assistance and qualify if they are under 50 years old, educated, fluent in English and with work experience. However, the processing time will likely be long for such “regular” applications as there are so many of them. It can certainly take several years to process depending on the embassy that is processing the application. It should be noted that an embassy can only accept to process a person’s application if the applicant is a national of that country or if the applicant has resided in that country for at least one year.

While some applicants at times prefer a long processing time (i.e. children to finish school, completing a work contract) there are other avenues available to expedite an application to about one year. Firstly, the most direct way to expedite a permanent resident application is to file the application via a close family’s sponsorship. In essence, the close relative in Canada will assist the applicant upon arrival and as such these types of application are given provincial priority. It should be noted that the close family member must reside in a particular province for a certain period of time to qualify as a sponsor. There are several programs with separate rules. Examples are:

a) An applicant with a close family member living in Alberta for at least two years will be eligible to file under that province’s family stream

b) An applicant with a close family member living in Manitoba or Saskatchewan for at least one year will be eligible to file under that province’s family stream. A first degree cousin is considered a close family member in Manitoba.

The second most direct route to expedite an application is by having a job offer from a Canadian employer. Once the job offer is approved by the local human resources office in Canada, it serves as a ticket to expedite the permanent resident application.

Atty. Henry Moyal is a certified and licensed immigration lawyer in Toronto. The article above is general advice only is not intended as legal document. Send your Canada permanent residency inquiries to his office phone 416-733-3193

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26 thoughts on “Ways To Expedite Canada Permanent Residency

  1. Hi, I have a question: i am a US citizen and my boyfriend a canadian citizen. We have been together for 3 years but in a long distance relationship. He applied to sponsor me as a “conyugal partner”however my application was refused because the offcier told me that the definition of conyugal partner is not related to us. What am i supossed to do now??? i know that i can appeal, but they will say the same thing. should i marry my boyfriend and then appeal?? should i just come to cnanda an live with him for a year and then re-apply?? can i still travel to canada?? what are my options, please help :(

  2. in canada, conjugal partnership means you must be “living together” and not separately. you are right, if you appeal and the situation is the same, it won’t change the immigrations initial decision. visit the website of the lawyer above and ask for his opinion – he can explain better. you are a u.s. citizen, there’s no reason for canadian immigration to refuse your entry to canada. goodluck.

  3. hi i have a question, is it possible for my uncle from Saskatchewan to petition me and my brother at the same time?? or one by one only??

    thank you

  4. hi, I have sponsored my wife from the philippines. I was approved as a sponsor last year of september. They have processed my wife’s permanent residence and they asked for a passport last january. we submitted them and confirmed thru our courier that someone in canadian embassy in manila received and signed it.I have called and emailed they if they received the passport but no reply so I asked my MP from alberta to inquire. The bad news is they have not received the passport and is still under investigation. If they find the passport or if they lose it and we get a new one ,can they expedite the visa?

  5. Hello Sir,

    I, Vikrant Jaswal have done my graduation in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management. I am planning to do MBA in marketing. My age is 21. I have given IELTS exam in 2007 in which I have got 6 band. Now I am sure I can get 6.5 or 7 band in IELTS(Academic). Which all are the possible ways through which I can get PR. If I complete my MBA(Marketing) in India and then directly apply for PR. Am I eligible for that or do I need to do MBA in Canada . Which option is better, if I complete my MBA in India and directly apply for PR or do my MBA in India . Will that be much better. Please help and suggest me the suitable way. My Cousin is Permanent Resident of Canada. Will that add a point on my PR application. Please suggest the right way and help me out with proper guidance which will help me to get the PR.

    Yours obediantly,
    Vikrant Jaswal

  6. hi my canada permanent residence has been refuse i got 56 points i need to go for ielts still i should get 11 points can i re apply for canada r not kindly give me reply

  7. my mom has been living in canada for past 2 and halfyears, and according to her she has met entire requirements for permanent residence application. she is applying for family visa as well. its been more than 9 months from the time of application, and yet she has not received her work permit. Has the time span of application process been increased, or is their any problem in her paper works. plz explain me. i am living with a great expectation of studying and working in the dream country as i can get many opportunities to excel in the land.

  8. Hi pls give me an idae about my question…

    I applied for residency in canada but i withdrew it because I moved in Us to my husband..can I apply again for residency while I am here in the US?

    I appreciate any answer from you..than you..

  9. I submitted my PR application last Dec. 2, 2010 but I forget to apply for OWP because I thought that I should apply for it later when I received my first stage approval. I still work for my employer until Jan 4 2012 my work permit is still valid up to that time. My question is can I apply for owp eventhough I already pass my application for pr and my work permit is still valid for a year and I would not change employer

  10. Hi, i am doing a 2 year diploma program, when showed i apply for a my permanent residency, now or after i finish the program

  11. By the time i will complete the requirements for applying permanent resident, can i apply myself first and later to get my husband and daughter in Philippines, coz i can’t afford as of now. i need to save money 1st for them and have a place to stay.Is it possible?Thank you……

  12. Is there any way to expedite a PR request? The situation is my girlfriend (fiance) was denied a travel Visa to visit me. We are planning on getting married in the next year. However my mother is terminally ill and is in the hospital. She would very much like to meet my future wife before she dies. It is highly unlikely that she will survive 18 months (average time for PR through Singapore office).

    We have decided to get married sooner in order for my mother to have a chance to meet my fiance before she dies. Will the embassy take these extrenuating circumstances into consideration in order to expedite the process??

  13. i am from Sri Lanka, and now living in India, my family has been sponsored by Group of 5, now i have passed 13 months but it may take upto 35 months,

    But i need to know how can i expedite my process?

    please advice me


  14. Hi there,

    I am employed in Ontario at a University full time under a post-graduation work permit program. It is valid for 3 years and expires this may 2011. I applied for PR last year (2010 August) however I need to expedite my application so that I do not have to leave my job at the end of May this year. Is there anything I can do?

    Thanks very much for your time

  15. Is it legal if I will be the employer of my sister who took up caregiver course backhome?

  16. my 2 sister likes to come to canada to see my sick mother, who is 89 years old and in and out of the hospital because of her condition. The Hospital here in canada send letter to canadian embassy in the philippines to ask the canadian embassy in the philippines to expedite the visa of my 2 sister to come to canada. but there is no application form attact to the letter. We haven’t heard anything since the past 3weeks. my concern is, do i have to send the application including the photo copy of letters from the hospital. please give me advise, before my mother gets in to deep sickness.

    Thank you,

  17. Hi,

    I am currently working at a pharmaceutical company as a full time chemist under a post-graduation work permit program (3 years). It is about to expire soon this Sept 2011. I have applied for CEC this year(2011 Jan) however I need to expedite my application so that I do not have to leave my job at the end of Sept this year. Is there anything I can do except waiting?

    Thank you in advance.

  18. Im a permanent residence in manitoba. What should i do if i want to sponsor my girlfriend in the philippines? And hoe long it takes?

  19. hi i am currently on the process for permanent residency, i have 2 years experience for the last 2 years (2008-2010). i am currently unemployed now, i am taking up a masters degree. i read that one should have atleast 1 yr exp. within the last 10 years. i am still eligible to apply? or do i need to have RECENT working experience to do so?

  20. Is this website still being looked at? I really need some advice.

    I have been dating a Finnish national (living in Dublin) for the past 10 months. I am a Canadian who lives in Canada but works a 2 week on/off schedule so 2 weeks out of every month we have been living together, either in Dublin at her place or she has visited me in Canada.

    I want to sponsor her and move her to Canada, am I able? Do we qualify as common-law?

    Can I bring her in to Canada and then apply? Is that a smarter move then applying first and getting denied?

    Thanks please help!

  21. One of my friend got p.g.d.m(post graduation deploma in management) can she apply for p.r in canada.. Help us plz..thanks

  22. Hi I have divorced my husband in philippines. Can he still apply for a permanent residency on his own? Thanks for your awaited answer.

  23. Hi

    I am a PR in Canada since last 5 year..and married ..i want to sponsor my brother(46) and sister in law(41) .i will be taking complete responsibility for his sponsorship ..under what grounds is it possible for me to sponsor my brother. He has around 20-25 years experience in the hotel/service industry.

    Let me know

  24. Hi we moved to Canada 1 year ago as my husband got a 2 year work permit I am a hairdresser and a few months ago sat the exam in Canada to change my hairdressing certificates over so when I can work I am available my son is 10 and in school here in ontario now my question is how can we apply for permanent residency I have no job offer and no family here in Canada to sponcer us we are desperate to get residency so we can settle and buy a house I have 3 years hairdressing qualifacations and have worked for 2 years in the industry we are from England any help you can give is really welcome thank you

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