Canada Job Grant: Impact To The Yukon Territory

The Territory of Yukon is set to receive $1.5 million dollars from the Canada Job Grant, $1 million of which will be used for skills training of potential Canadian employees in the territory while the remaining $500,000 will be invested to recognize the territory’s specific labor market needs.

This will be given to the province per year, and it is expected to have a positive effect towards the territory’s economy.

The Canada Job Grant will be providing $500 million of funds to different Canadian provinces & territories every year, and the fund will be used as investment for skills training.

The investment in Yukon will be used to train citizens via their employers, with the aim to provide Canadians with the help they need in gaining skills for their specific job and industry.

Employers in Yukon can apply for the grant so that they can gain access to the fund of the province.

This is being seen as an investment into the training of their new and existing employees, and the provincial government is looking at investing up to $10,000 for the training of a single worker or employee.

This amount will cover the training fee and other relevant training materials.

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